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Gifted Identification Update (updated June 9, 2020)

With the closure of Prince William County Schools due to COVID-19, gifted identification has been on hold. At this time, we expect to resume the identification process in August. Additional meetings of the  division-level Gifted Identification/Placement Committee have been scheduled to review cases and make decisions regarding eligibility and placement for gifted services.  We will continue to keep you updated as new information becomes available. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the gifted resource teacher at your child's school.

SIGNET students: Khan Academy has an awesome module that goes along well with our Amusement Park Unit (Imagineering In A Box). If you want to research any roller coasters, create a powerpoint, sway or just email me your findings, I would love to hear from you!

START & SIGNET Students: Take a virtual field trip into Mo Willems studio each day at 1 PM (Draw with Mo Willems). Let us know what you learn :) 

Parents: Please do not forget to check out the Prince William County Schools Homepage (PWCS Home ). There are resources for at home learning, to go meal options and daily updates!

Flipgrid Squiggle Activity for the Week of June 8th: https://flipgrid.com/5a164990

Creative Thinking Questions for June 8th-12th

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

What ices, other than ice cream, can you think of? 

Write a story about a gardener who just discovered a 30-pound tomato in his garden. What does he do with it?
You are out of napkins. What else can you use to wipe your mouth? Design a coupon you would like your teacher to give to you.

List ways to stay cool on a hot day.

Looking for some reading resources? Check out your school's library page. We would love to know what books have captured your interest! 

We miss you all!

 Please check back here and on Twitter (@FF_Gifted) for activities and resources!

Mrs. Haselton (haseltlh@pwcs.edu) & Ms. Pine (pinebx@pwcs.edu)