Welcome Teachers to Your Library Resource Page!  

Being a teacher is one of the most challenging professions, but it can also be very rewarding as you watch the children you’ve taught make their way through life, relying on the advice and knowledge you’ve provided. And teaching children is getting increasingly difficult as our students get more distracted every day by modern technology and the fast pace of life. There are many resources that you can turn to for support in creating lessons that will keep your students engaged and learning.  Check out these 5 resources to get you started. 

If you are looking for a specific resource, come to the Fitzgerald Library where we can work together to find what you need!

1.  Scholastic For Teachers 

A great destination for all things relevant to education, including books, materials, blogs, ideas, and comprehensive education solutions for every teacher. Aimed primarily at elementary school teachers.

2.  Intel Teach Elements

Designed as a series of courses for teachers, Intel Teach Elements offer videos, syllabi, and all the materials you will need to further your development as a teacher. They can help you prepare yourself, and your students, for the challenges of teaching a 21st-century learner.

3.  Flipgrid

Flipgrid revolutionized student engagement by showing learners the power of their own voice.  There are a variety of ways teachers can use Flipgrid in the classroom.  Flipgrid resources has tutorials and examples to help get you started.  Or come talk to Mrs. Ross in the library; she used Flipgrid in her 2nd grade classroom and would love to co-teach a lesson using Flipgrid with you!

4.  Library of Congress

The Library of Congress provides the largest collection of ready-to-use primary resources for teachers.  Discovery the quick and easy way to use primary resources in your classroom with teacher guides.  You can even search for resources by SOL objective.

5.  Teacher Tube

TeacherTube is the best source for instructional videos in a safe environment.