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Welcome to Mrs. Andrews' 5th Grade Class Page!
This is my 10th year teaching, and my 6th year at Fitzgerald Elementary School. Prior to moving to Virginia, I taught in Baltimore City for 4 years. I enjoy chocolate, sports, the beach, and spending time with my family, friends, husband and two boys.  I'm excited to teach our wonderful students language arts and science this year. My partner teacher, Mrs. Krajack, will teach math, social studies and writing. In class, students will have the opportunity to learn, collaborate, problem-solve, create, think about the world around them, and build a foundation for their future. Every task presents an opportunity for academic excellence, and I look forward to cultivating a classroom full of learners with a growth mindset. 

As we move forward over these next few weeks Mrs. Krajack and I will email our students optional resources and activities, as well as, check in with how they are doing. Please encourage your student to check their email. Additionally, I have provided unit guides and instructional resources under the files and documents tab on this class page. These resources will help your student review previously taught skills and information. Your student will be familiar with the resources and will be able to share information with you. At this point in the school year, your student  has mastered the expectations and structure of our classroom and I believe they are at the point where they could teach the class! Your student's Clever and Office 365 access will be a great way to log into the resources that are provided on this page.
Please contact me at with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Current Skills:
Reading: We recently finished Cause & Effect (both fiction and nonfiction). Our next three units before review are fact and opinion, drawing conclusions and making inferences, and poetry/figurative language. As of right now, our activities will center around review of previously taught fiction and nonfiction reading comprehension skills, as well as review of word study skills. Please review the files and documents link to find the instructional focus standards with included activities for your student.
Science: We recently finished our Matter Unit of Study and our last 5th grade unit of study is Sound and Light. We have been reviewing 4th grade standards in preparation for middle school. We will continue to review 4th grade standards and previously taught 5th grade standards. Please review the files and documents link to find the instructional focus standards with included activities.

Strings Information
Hello, Fitzgerald Elementary Strings students!  For fun activities, new songs to play, and videos to watch, go to the Strings class page!  You'll find easy, open strings (no fingers down) songs, such as Open String Hip-Hop, Open String Fiddling, & Open String Rock!  There are also more challenging songs.  To get there from the Fitzgerald Elementary School page, click on "Class Pages", then "Encore", and then "Strings". Then use Quick Links found on the left.  Let me know if you have any problems or questions.  Enjoy, and I hope to see you after spring break!
Ms. Davidson