The Mighty Bears were hard at work when school ended in the middle of March.

Reading:  We were just starting Unit 5/Poetry in reading and writing.  When you look under Unit Guides, scroll down and click the page numbers to go to other pages to find the instructional guides.  These guides will inform you about everything we were learning.  

Math:  We were completing  Unit 7.  You will find the Math Unit 7 Instructional Guide under Unit Guides.
Fact Fluency is really important...your child should be able to add and subtract within 10 easily using mental math (Without using fingers or objects).

Science:  We were just about to dive into plants.  

Social Studies:  We were about to begin unit 4  economics.

***The units in science and social studies are not taught in sequence.  The units spiral throughout the year.  For example, we learned about plants in  October and we were just about to deepen our learning about plants again at the end of March.