Students log in to CLEVER to access their county purchased subscriptions

Students have badges with QR codes that allow them to log in to a computer or tablet if the webcam is enabled. Your child also has a PWCS Office 365 email account. If students have trouble logging in with their badge, they can use their email account to log in. Their passwords is An+ birthday, for example: An01152012 would be my password if I was born on Jan.15, 2012. Email Ms. Anders at if you need your child's PWCS email or a copy of his or her badge.

Raz Kids  

Raz Kids is an incredible reading program that your child can use to read books on his or her level and take quizzes to increase their reading comprehension. Students will be asked to type in my username: anders1 in order to access their account. Their password is the first letter of their name + their name tag number! I will continue to send new books and quizzes on your child's individual reading level weekly until the end of the school year.  Please have your child read a few books every day to continue growing as a reader!

Ms. Anders 1st Grade Website

Please visit my external class website for spelling, math, reading, and vocabulary practice!