Reading: Please make sure that you read with your child every day for 20 minutes. As your child becomes a more fluent reader, it will help them along their reading journey if you have them read a just right book to you. Every night your child should have a book at their level and please have them read it to you.

After you read them a story and they read to you, it would be great to ask them questions about what they read. Who were the characters? Who was the main character? What characteristics do the characters have? Where does the story take place? What happened in the beginning of the story? Middle? End? How did the character change from the beginning to the end?

Lexia is another great tool to help your child continue the learning. 

Math: Please have your child do dream box every night. It can be accessed through the Fitzgerald resources page. Some additional ideas for math could be flashcards for addition and subtraction with sums up to 20. With the flashcards they can create math stories, which will help them with story problems. Have your child help you bake and measure different ingredients. Bedtime math is a great way to do a math problem every day. Math is all around us, it is a wonderful time to be creative. 

Writing: During this very unique time in our country it would be great for them to journal how they are feeling and express their thoughts in a notebook. They can draw and write about their feelings. They can draw and write about what they read during reading. They can create stories about whatever their hearts desire.