Hello, everyone!  I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and well.  During this unprecedented time of school outage, I will provide you with information and resources to assist you in continuing your child's education at home.  I will update this site and continue to communicate with you through Class Dojo as prompted to do so by my principal and Prince William County Schools.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact me through my school email, lennonkf@pwcs.edu or through Class Dojo.  

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Current Instructional Units of Study:

Math: Number sense
Work on ordering sets (groups of things) from least to greatest and greatest to least, write numbers up to 20, be able to say what the number before and number after a given number, counting a set of objects up to 20.

Reading: Visualization
Listening to, memorizing and acting out  a variety of poems, choral readings and songs.  Work on recognizing descriptive words and rhyming words in poems and stories. Be able to draw a picture of what they hear as a poem is being read.

Writing: Visualization
Work on sight words correctly when writing a sentence about what they see using descriptive words. Students use letter knowledge and sounds to write words and form sentences that describe and tell about literature and experiences.

Science: living things
Work on recognizing what plants and animals need to survive.

Students should work on reading and writing sight words, levels 1-3 and reading a DRA level 2-3 without difficulty. 

What's New!

As noted in Class Dojo, I have uploaded the WEEKLY LESSON PLAN in the Files and Documents section of this webpage.  It is also in Dojo.  Remember to publish student work in the Portfolio section of Class Dojo as a picture or video!   

Here is the link to this week's pre-recorded read aloud.