Dear students and families - we miss you already!  We hope that everyone is staying safe and practicing good health habits and social distancing.  This is a unique chapter in our history and we are here to navigate it together.  We are looking at ways to support your maintenance of learned skills while incorporating fun and family time.  We are also looking at ways to stay connected outside this web page.  In the meantime, the useful links tab on this page has been updated to allow you to connect to the PWCS Home Learning Page.  There you will find lots of resources from various county departments to assist.  Please know that we understand these are emotional times and we want to support those needs as well.  PWCS has created resources you can access for mental health during this time, please see the main county web page for details.

We do have some resources that we are working on providing via email, as they are not allowed to be shared on public sites due to the terms of use agreement.  If you have any specific questions related to activities you can do to maintain IEP goals, please send me an email and I will do my best to provide you some suggestions.

Remember to check back periodically for updates as new information and guidance is continuing to develop.  If you have not yet had your yearly IEP meeting, we will be in touch to schedule those prior to their expiration. They will be conducted by phone or video conferencing.

Stay safe and please give all of our babies extra love from all of us.