My name is Priya Sharma, I am a MSN RN, and I am the school nurse here at FFES.

I have been a nurse going on almost 7 years.  I have a diverse clinical background som
e of which includes medical-surgery, postpartum/NICU, pediatric intensive care (PICU), and cardiology.  Pediatrics is my passion and I look forward to getting to know your kids better this year! Please come into the clinic, call or email me with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Priya Sharma MSN, RN

This is a difficult time for everyone but please remember you are not alone.  If you click on useful links on the left had side, it will connect you to reliable sources to provide you information on Covid19 and help you obtain accurate information.  

Annual Physicals & Immunizations:
Virginia Department of Health (VDH) is encouraging families to make their appointments for annual physicals and routine immunizations.  As the state begins to reopen, VDH is encouraging families to continue to make and/or keep their appointments for annual physicals and vaccinationsGetting childhood vaccines at scheduled intervals is the best way to develop immunity and prevent disease. If you have concerns or are uneasy about a clinic visit, I would encourage you to have a conversation with your pediatrician. Together you may discuss the risks versus benefits of an office visit based on their child’s individual health needs.  For any military families, it has been confirmed for the present time clinics on military bases are open and operational.    

Medication Administration
School personnel cannot administer ANY medication until a form, signed by the parent is on file in the clinic of the school. All prescription medication must also have a physician's signature on the form.  All medication must be delivered by parent to the clinic and can NOT come in the student's backpack along with the form signed and complete.

*All medication, prescription, and over-the-counter brought to the school MUST be in the original container and kept in the clinic. An adult needs to bring the medication to school.  Prescription medications must have a prescription label on the package.

*Students may keep in their possession certain medications, such as prescription inhalers and Epi-pens.  This is permitted, provided it is cleared through the clinic in advance, and a form is on file with a parent and physician's signature stating child is allowed to self-carry.

Important Information:
Every school year we will need all new forms in the clinic for any medications your child will need, this includes action plans for asthma, seizures, allergies, diabetes, and health treatment plans.  For your convenience if you click on the file and documents link on the left, you will find all the forms you would possibly need and can get it filled out of the summer and/or in a timely manner during the school year.