ZA Fitz

Hello, I am Ms. Anthony!  I'm originally from Chicago but have called the DMV area my home for almost 5 years.  This is my 3rd year teaching at Fitzgerald Elementary and I am excited to work with your family this school year.  I am confident your student will learn, grow and have fun in their with me and their classmates in our classroom. 
If you any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me through email at or on ClassDojo.  ClassDojo is an app you can download on your mobile device or student's tablet. 

Before our extended break, we started our Number Sense II unit-reading and writing numbers with 6 digits, rounding numbers 9,999 or less (rounding to the tens, hundreds, and thousands place), adding and subtracting numbers 9,999 or less, counting money up to $5.00, and making change up to $5.00.  It is important for your student to know their multiplication and division facts up to 10; a fun way to review is with 2 die or a deck of cards.  Multiplication, addition or subtraction war was always a favorite math station.

In reading, we reviewing fiction and non-fiction texts using a variety of strategies. Students should practice making predictions, finding the main idea of a text and drawing conclusions about what they're reading. 

Click on the Useful Links tab for some activities that your student can do from home. Dreambox Learning and Lexia are always encouraged and help with learning outside of the classroom. 

2019-2020 Schedule
Core Extension-9:05-9:45
Social Studies-3:05-3:40

Encore Schedule
Day 1: Science
Day 2: Physical Education
Day 3: Music
Day 4: Art
Day 5: Physical Education
Day 6: Library