Fitzgerald Lighthouse Library Virginia Readers’ Choice Book Challenge

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Each year students across Virginia vote for their favorite nominee for the final Virginia Readers' Choice Award. Fitzgerald 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who read (or are read to) four books from their category, may vote. Votes are due to VSRA by April 30th.  The goal is to get students reading the newest books and to encourage reading for pleasure!



  1. If you’re interested in participating, read at least 4 books from the list of the Elementary Virginia Reader’s Choice Books. All of these books are available at the Fitzgerald Library.  However, these will be popular selections and will often be checked out by other students.  You are encouraged to visit the public library in order to be able to read the books on the list.
  2. Get a form from the library website. Complete four (or more!) forms and turn in the completed forms by March 8, 2019 to the library.



Participation Incentives:

Read one book: Great! You're counted as a participant in your class's totals.
Read four books: Super! You get to vote for your favorite VRC book.
Read six books:  Awesome! You're invited to the voting party in April.
Read all ten books: Wowza!! Something super-special is reserved for you!


***Students in grades K, 1, and 2 all get to hear the Primary Virginia Reader’s Choice books during their library time, and all will get to vote in March during library.***


Happy Reading!

Love, Mrs. Ross