Dear First Grade Families,

I have sincerely enjoyed being your child's teacher this year.  Even though we might not be at school anymore, I want you to know I am still working on ways to keep your child engaged and learning at home.  In first grade our focus is primarily on continued practice. This means the more your child practices: reading books, writing sentences/stories, counting, subtracting, writing equations, identifying coins, telling time to the hour and half hour, the better their "foundation" will be as they move into second grade and beyond.  Chances are, your child has often heard me say "practice makes perfect!" The more we practice, the more self-confident we will be.  Self-confidence leads to the freedom to take more risks and not being afraid to make mistakes.  Mistakes are proof that we're trying, otherwise there would be no need for erasers at the ends of our pencils. :) 

Thank you all for taking on this new and unexpected role as home school teachers ~ and just know that you are doing enough and your child will be fine.  I will continue to send out weekly newsletters with additional resources to try.  

Please stay happy, healthy and safe,
Mrs. Arend