My name is Mary Lou Jensen and I am currently a First Grade teacher at Fannie Fitzgerald Elementary School.  

I moved to Virginia five years ago.  I am originally from Pennsylvania but have lived in Kentucky and Oklahoma.  

I taught Kindergarten for 14 years.  First Grade will be a new beginning for me but so far, I love my class! 

I am married to my husband, Brent, and we have two grown children. We like to kayak and go on walks.  We have two cats, Toots and Boots.  

Lissa, who is also a first grade teacher, lives with her husband, Will, in New York.  They have a baby girl, Adeline Rose, and a puppy named Gluten. My son, Ben, is married to Kate, who is a fourth grade teacher.  They have a daughter, Annie Kate.  They have two cats, Branch and Stevie.  

I love teaching! 

If you need anything, please email me at jensenm@pwcs.edu.  

Mrs. Jensen