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Hi! My name is Ms. Shuma and I am excited to be your 4th grade teacher! I believe in working together as a team to accomplish the most productive, effective, and exciting learning environment. I enjoy finding fun ways to teach you so that you will stay engaged during your learning experience. I feel that open communication is important with you and your family to achieve the highest learning potentials. The goal to our classroom is to take what we've learned and to remember it while applying it in your everyday life for many years to come. My personal goal as a teacher is to make an impressive impact in your life where you can someday share your wealth of knowledge with others! I can't wait to get to know you and to have you join my classroom family!

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Class Schedule 
  VA Studies
Core Extension

Where did we leave off? 

Math- Probability- Students determine the likelihood of an outcome of a simple event, represent the probability as a number between 0 and 1 inclusive (on the probability likelihood line), and create a model or practical problem given a probability.

Reading-  We are currently about half way through our 45 day plan which reviews all skills taught this school year.  This includes both fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.  In all areas, students should be able to summarize, identify the main idea and supporting details, make inferences/draw conclusions, identify cause and effect, etc.   

Writing-  The students are currently writing a research paper on a famous person (science and Virginia Studies related).  They have researched and are working on the rough draft.  Students are in the process of revising/editing their papers.  

Social Studies-  We have recently finished the Civil War Unit.  Our focus now is the Reconstruction time period .

Science- The students have just finished up the electricity unit.  They will be starting ecosystems next.