Teacher of Student W/LD 3-5

Have  a great last week of school! I miss you all!


Remember to check the grade level folders under Files and Documents.  Look for  grade level folders for Resources.  All activities  are optional but I highly recommend that you practice some/all as you prepare for your next grade. I have also included  Math Aids and Social/Emotional Skills Resources
Office hours:  FRIDAY 3-4PM
(please email or message me if you need anything )

Hi Families
The governor has officially closed schools for the remainder of the school year.  Just want to say, it saddens me that the school year has been shortened.  I truly miss seeing my students smiling faces every day and watching them grow and learn.
I hope that you all are being good and helping your parents at home. Please remember what we talked about before school closed: you are safe, loved, and everything will be okay. Just keep doing what you always do--wash your hands, catch your sneezes, eat your meals and drink your water so your body can have fuel to stay healthy. 

The county is asking that teachers to post links of suggested sites, in case you want your child to keep up his or her skills at home. PWCS has also created a Home Learning section on their website, where you can access many other resources, such as a daily activity schedule (with links), Zones of Regulation activities, sensory activities, etc.  You can access my useful links, files and documents.
Your child's general education teacher will have links to the work that they're suggesting for their class. Since we do the exact same lessons/assignments in my room (just with a smaller group), they have all requested that you head to their webpage and check out what they've said and posted, too. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me. 



Home Learning Links: