Dear Parents and Students,

I hope everyone has enjoyed this time off with your families!  I miss each and one of you! I know that our students miss their friends so much!  Here is a way they can say hello to their classmates!  Just click the Class Flip Grid link and sign in with the 1st letter of your child's name and his or her student name tag number!  Once your child is logged in, click the green + symbol and record a video message for the class to see! I can't wait to watch everyone's video message!

While I will not be sending home any work sheet packets at this time,  it is very important that your child continues to read every day! Since students aren't able to go to the library or bring reading books home on their reading level, I have enrolled my class in Raz Kids, an online reading program where students receive books on their level from me with a few questions to check their understanding. I will monitor their progress, increase the level of their books when they are ready, and I will send them voice messages to cheer them on! Students will be able to read as many books as they would like to and they have a special reading room where they can choose to have books read to them.  The video below shows your child how to log on to Raz Kids and use this program.  Students can also continue to use Lexia, which will help them with their phonics and reading vocabulary skills, and Dreambox to keep their math skills sharpened.  

Please encourage your child log on to Raz Kids everyday, so he or she can read a book from me and send me a voice message!  I can't wait to here from everyone!  Enjoy this time off with your families, stay healthy, and KEEP READING!!!!

Ms. Anders