On the school page under the tab: RESOURCES you will find access to your child's CLEVER account.  Through their Clever account they can access:  Benchmark (reading)/ Lexia (Reading)/ Dreambox (Math)

SOL pass/ Mutliplication.com / and Prodigy are sites you can find on a google search if the hyper link isn't working.  

Benchmark Universe
  • Students can log in using their PWCS email and password.
  • Students can log in using their PWCS email and password.
  • They have their log in information in their agenda books.

SOL Pass
  • Click on Elementary School
  • Click on either Reading (3-5) or Math (3-5)
  • Find Fannie Fitzgerald in the dropbox
  • Password: lighthouse


Prodigy Math
students must put in their user name and password given to them by Mrs. Miklich (if you need this information, please dojo me or email me at mikliccm@pwcs.edu.)  

Epic Reading
This site is offering free access to its resources while schools are out on this extended break due to the virus.  The children love accessing this site during the school day.  This is a wonderful resource.  

brain pop jr
This site is allowing free access while the schools are shut down due to the COVID-19 virus.
user name: thepride
password: lighthouse3