Instructional Technology Shared Vision

Prince William County Schools will promote personalized learning, applying proven pedagogy and practice in technology-rich learning environments to empower learners to be self-directed expert learners who take an active role in choosing, achieving, and demonstrating competency in their learning goals.

This is done by....
1. Promoting strategies that increase participation, engagement, accessibility, and equity
2. Provide opportunities for student choice in how they learn and how they demonstrate their learning
3. Develop digital citizens who are self-aware, empathetic, informed and creative


Technology Resources

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Fitzgerald Library Catalog

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Animals, science, biographies, and
social studies database for grades K-3.
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Biographies, geography, U.S history, and
ecosystems for grades 3-5.

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Online source for English definitions,
synonyms, word origins, slang, idioms,
and so much more.

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Create and respond to online
video discussions.
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Play game, watch videos, and learn
about animals!
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A safe place for kids to search for
images and video.
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ree access to over 25,000 ebooks,
videos, and quizzes with your
classroom account.
Please ask your teacher for your classroom code.
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Find information on a variety of
subjects from weather facts
to sports.

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Listen to stories read aloud by famous

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Create digital projects that can be
shared with teachers, students, or
Please ask your teacher for your classroom code.
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lay games and learn about space!
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Online game that teaches kids to be
safe online.
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Amazing database for grades 2-5.
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asy to use 3-D CAD design tool. Kids
can create jewelry, toys, and
Minecraft Models.
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eaches kids how to design code.
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Create stories and share that
you can share with your friends.
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Information about Prince William
County's library program, online
catalog, and reference sources all
with your library card.






SFE Smart Find Express


Jefferson Lab

Tech Support Ticket

Power School Assessment

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Discovery Education